In 1996 Michael Little completed the building of his holiday house in Plozevet, France. 

It had been intended partially as a retirement house for Michael and his wife Betty, but more than that it was to be a space for their children, and their children’s children, to visit and stay. It was to be a place for family. A place of fun and relaxation. A refuge from the business and storms of life. A home.

At the age of 8, I, one of Michael’s many grandchildren, first visited the house with my family. I have been there countless times. At first I did not understand the design and desire behind this house. Over time it has become a reminder of all the memories and emotions that we come to store in the buildings we inhabit. A reminder that what we build, and where we reside, comes to form who we are. 

So in 2013 when I started my first company with my uncle, one of Michael’s sons, we sat and talked about building houses. We talked about doing it properly, building for the future, never putting our name to a building unless we would be happy to live in it. We shared an innate understanding of the importance of the spaces we desired to create. 

When it came to naming the company our minds, perhaps inevitably, strayed to the house perched on top of the cliffs in Brittany, a house built for the future - a gift from a previous generation designed to stand the test of time. Its name? Ar Morvrani: Breton for “The Cormorant”

Building Houses, Creating Homes

The spaces we create are where lives are lived

Too often houses are reduced to terms of financial investments that fail to acknowledge that their true worth is defined by how they shape our lives - both for the better and, sadly, sometimes for the worse. We believe that the primary purpose of a house is as a home. It is somewhere that should be lived in. Through design and the use of green technologies we build houses that are cheap to run using little energy in order to heat and light. We design for modern living with the minimum of fuss. 

Building for The Future

Houses built with the future in mind

We build houses to stand the test of time. Modern construction techniques mean that we can build lightweight structures that have minimal environmental impact.  Through careful design and attention to detail during construction we ensure that our houses will last for generations. Our finishes use innovative, durable and hard wearing materials of the highest stranded.

Building Better

Setting new standards in design and delivery

‘House Bashing’ - this is an industry term used by big construction companies to describe the building of large uniform housing estates. Why Bashing? because that’s what they do they ‘bash them up’. The large house builders have a set of designs that they use throughout all their developments. They do this because it is incredibly convenient for them. It is highly efficient for the company in question and incredibly boring for the people building them. Building the same house over and over again means that everything can be optimised for the building company. It also displays the primary concern of these companies - their bottom line. We believe in Building Better. We do not ‘House Bash’. We want to bring change to an industry that has lost its way. Bespoke designs that change to reflect the demands of every site should be the industry standard. The adoption of new technologies should be instigated by house builders and not forced by legislation. Houses are complex systems and the proper integration of new technology requires new designs and building techniques. We want the houses we build today to set the standard for the houses built tomorrow. That’s why we are committed to Building. Better.